It has just started and the World Cup in Qatar is already chaining controversy after controversy. Yesterday the thunder case was revealed again regarding the bracelets rainbows that the teams of England, Netherlands, France, Wales, Belgium, Switzerland. Germany and Denmark were going to wear in the World Cup. The national teams of these eight countries had committed to wearing the “One Love” rainbow armband in the competition to denounce the injustices perpetrated in the host country of the World Cup (many of which directly attack the LGTBI community ).

France withdrew from this initiative

After a few days ago, yesterday Monday the teams of England, Netherlands, Wales, Belgium, Switzerland, Germany and Wales also category email list renounced wearing the rainbow armband in favor of inclusion and diversity “One Love”. Denmark. They did so motivated by threats from FIFA. Which informed the federations that had signed this initiative that players who wore the armband of discord risked being warned with a yellow card before the initial whistle of the match (thus thus conditioning matches played in the heat of the World Cup are inevitable). Some of the teams involved have assured that. If the sanctions imposed by FIFA had been purely economic in nature. They would have assumed them in order to wear the “One Love” bracelet.

Terminated its sponsorship contract

Rewe has with the German football team In fact. The first “divorce” between a sponsor and a national football federation has already occurred Taiwan Database as a result of the renunciation of wearing the “One Love” armband. The sponsor in question is the German supermarket chain Rewe. Which has decided to terminate its contractual relationship with the German Football Federation (DFB) with immediate effect. Rewe thus wishes to position itself radically against the position of FIFA and its president Gianni Infantino in the World Cup in Qatar and will therefore cease to be a sponsor of the DFB. “We defend diversity and football is also diversity. Emphasizes Lionel Souque, CEO of Rewe. 

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