overcome laziness, because sometimes laziness comes from boredom or a loss of mood of boredom and get back in the mood to start coding again. Try listening to music that can lift your spirits and absorb the music. If possible, you can prance around Therefore when you are coding or jump up and down following the music or just move your hands like hitting a drum while singing along to the music. 9. Remember the Initial Goals and Pay Attention to Risks goals and risks When you code, of course you have a specific goal, whether to complete office, campus obligations, or for a thesis project. Of course, everyone has different goals and each goal certainly has its own risks. Try to remember your initial goal when you started coding and what the risks are if you don’t succeed in completing it.

There are also many kinds of risks

Not just failure to complete the job. There are various risks that you need to pay attention to, be it health risks, increased work, other events being postponed, and other unexpected things. So you should always hasten work instead of being lazy by postponing work. Because no one knows your ws database condition in the future and what things could come your way that could hinder your work. 10. Drink Coffee and Enjoy Coffee There is a common saying in the programming world about programmers turning coffee into lines of code. You can also apply this method to overcome your lazy coding experience by drinking coffee before continuing to work.

The caffeine content in coffee

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There are many interesting classes waiting for you to start learning coding there. This Dicoding class is available for those of you who don’t have basic programming skills or for those of you who are already professionals. Want to know what classes there are? Try Taiwan Database checking the list of classes at the following link, the list of Dicoding classes . Also check out the following inspiring stories from Dicoding developers, who knows, it could be motivation for you to start coding again. 3 Tips from Village Children: to get a job offer at Unicorn while still studying Ahmad Hanafi: A Developer Who is Resilient in Learning Programming.

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