I leave you with her. All yours Clara! Dean has Your Essential gone on vacation and the dinosaur has taken the opportunity to settle into B30 and offer a 50% discount on the first month on the DinoRANK Starter plan using the summerdino2021 coupon during the contracting process and only while the summer guest calendar lasts. Hello Blogger3cero reader! I’m Clara Soteras (Nice to greet you! ) and I’m visiting the blog to tell you the latest about Google Discover through this step-by-step guide. In this article I accompany you to learn in depth how this news aggregator works, which is generating so much joy (but also some problems) for digital media and SEO .

Will be able to access Your Essential it by navigating to the left from

And not only to news sites, because Discover category email list is already an essential ecosystem to take into account for all content generators (video, image, stories , ads, podcasts…). Are you ready to discover Google Discover ? Here we go! What is Google Discover? Google Discover is a personalized feed of content available to mobile users . If you are an Android user, you will be able to access it by navigating to the left from the main screen, while if you use the iOS system, you will have to download the Google application and log in with your user.

Initially, Discover was considered a news aggregator

Google’s functionality was launched Taiwan Database in 2016, but it was not until 2019 when. It began to attract the attention of. Publishers in Spain, mainly from digital media, after the growth in the percentage. Of traffic represented by said channel. Initially, Discover was considered a news aggregator. Since it showed articles and news on trending. Topics from the media most consulted by the user. But little by little Google has been incorporating ads. YouTube videos , podcasts and even a carousel of. Web Stories , one of the latest formats that it has brought to the market, in addition to evergreen content .

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