If you are just getting started, it is a good option to consider due to its simplicity. Benefits: Testing. Create funnel. Split. Optimized based on subscriber behavior. Send at the busiest time for each subscriber. Analyze the best transmit time slot. Cons: The free version offers very few contacts. It does not have a subscriber label. Webmaster Raola Network Webber Akumba Email marketing tool is known for its long history, although paradoxically it is not one of the most used tools.

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 You will be able to easily launch email marketing campaigns thanks to its hundreds new database of pre-designed templates and its drag-and-drop system, creating sales channels and segmenting your contacts. The disadvantage of the Aweber interface is that it is very expensive and does not have a Spanish version. Pros: A professional email template. It has a free image library. Segment and tag users by behavior. Disadvantages: Pricing plans are high.

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It has no Spanish version. Basic automation system. Baseline Akumba Mail was born in the year as a very intuitive and easy-to-use email marketing tool used by more than one company worldwide. Free registration With email marketing campaigns, you can create sales channels Taiwan Database and landing pages that use marketing campaigns, as well as create custom forms. With its simple drag-and-drop system, you will be able to quickly create email marketing campaigns.

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