The menu on the home page is what the user notices first. By optimizing your links to point to pages with the highest priority keywords, your audience will start visiting them, which will help Google rank your site higher in search results.

Most users think that it is created randomly, but this technique is based on a thorough study of keywords that generate the most traffic to the site and a large number of useful links that redirect recipients to other sites.

Page speed
Website loading speed is one of the most important aspects you need to pay attention to when implementing technical SEO. The faster users gain access to your website’s resources, the greater the chance that they will decide to convert.

Take care of technical SEO on your website

How to increase page speed? Get rid of unnecessary content, compress images and change hosting services if necessary.

Mobile optimization
Mobile devices have different parameters in terms of screen size, so adjusting the Ws Data appearance of the website and meeting technical SEO requirements turns out to be a real challenge for UX designers. Moreover, search engine robots pay special attention to mobile aspects during the indexing procedure.

This creates the need to build websites that, mainly in technical terms, will suit each type of device. It is also recommended to construct responsive websites and avoid errors such as small font, incorrectly arranged area, lack of button functionality or the use of non-integrated plug-ins.

Mobile Optimization Mobile Devices Have

It happens that the content of the website is located at a different address than the one originally indicated. It is then necessary to implement 301 redirects . When exactly should you decide to do it?

The basis for implementing 301 redirects is when you want to create homogeneous Taiwan Database URLs and remove duplicate text. You can also use this tool when you need to move your website to a different domain.

Contact page
Building your company’s credibility and acquiring local consumers is important in optimizing for local searches. Creating a contact form gives your audience insight into your name, address and phone number, making them more likely to trust your brand.

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