Several years after his first problems with reading at school, he had to face language again: sending and receiving emails was beginning to become common practice within the business world; However, his constant errors in writing words affect the image that others had of him. Only at this stage in his life, with all the clear signs and a mical diagnosis, could Daymond John know what was really going on: he was dyslexic. However, for someone who work determinly all his life to transform his ideas into concrete actions, dyslexia would not constitute an impiment to publishing three books, explaining to thousands of people how to be an entrepreneur and continuing to help men and women achieve the success that he also achiev years ago.

Training and Knowledge of the

Hannah Arendt, a German philosopher of Jewish origin, dicat much of her work to carefully studying the phenomenon of totalitarianism, a poisonous flowering of contemporary history that unfortunately, here and there, still casts its shadow. Deeply interest in unraveling the roots that fe this system bas on terror, human degradation and extermination, Arendt would publish a long-term study on this atrocious system that shook the foundations of European societies in business lead the first third of the 20th century, and one of whose manifestations occurr in Germany, when Nazism rose to power, establish the Nuremberg racial laws, began the pogroms against Jewish citizens and execut, between 1941 and 1945, the Final Solution, with the aim of disappearing from the face of the land to the Israelite people.

Message of the Gospels the

¬†Arendt titl that work, publish in 1951, The Origins of Totalitarianism . Twelve years later, he would return to the subject. He would take as the axis of his reflection a figure who, as directly responsible for the mass deportations to the extermination Taiwan Database camps set up in Eastern Europe, had play a leading role in the annihilation of six million Jews. The product would be another great book whose theses would arouse raw controversy. The character around whom Arendt’s philosophical prose would revolve would be none other than Adolf Eichmann.

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