Knowing their origin and first uses, we can move forward in the direction that interests us: when was an opportunity seen in them to add them to marketing actions? Basically, from the moment Twitter used them as a tool to measure the pulse of the audiences’ current interests. The simple fact of making a ranking showed the importance for brands of creating and labeling streams of content or adding to existing ones. In essence, Twitter’s trending topics gave companies the opportunity to comment on content that was interesting to audiences and this brought visibility.


And those are precisely the three objectives

Nowadays, hashtags are one of the best ways available on social media to get some visibility, reach and relevance. And those are precisely the three objectives most pursued by businesses on social networks. The first brand to notice this commercial business email list potential of labels was Audi, when it included in its Super Bowl commercial—in January 2011—a hashtag that allowed them to generate, monitor and store a stream of comments around their vehicles. With this strategy—which was designed by the digital agency Offerpop—many organizations perceived the social impact of a label and the high levels of influence that they achieve in the communities.

In addition to the already mentioned

From that day until now, many people and companies added hashtags to their daily marketing actions, hoping to improve results. But taking Taiwan Database advantage of this tool is not an easy task and requires a lot of experimentation, knowledge and measurement to be able to extract benefits from its use. In addition to the already mentioned increase in the visibility and reach of publications, adding labels to the content broadcast on social networks provides three additional benefits to the digital strategy of companies that are worth reviewing

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